Chicago Style Hot Dog Ratings and Reviews

Luckily we know quality! As Quality Assurance Engineers, we expect and appreciate a high quality product. We expect no less from our Dogs. Hot Dog Chicago Style is your premiere guide to the best Chicago Dogs. Our goal is to provide timely unbiased information based on our direct experience. We are in no way affiliated with any of the establishments reviewed and do not accept money or advertising.The "Overall" rating has 5 possible points (5-Excellent, 4-Very Good, 3-Good, 2-Fair, 1-Poor). A score of 5 is the Ultimate Chicago Dog. We should point out that most of the time, there is a direct correlation between the DOGS number and our overall satisfaction (the higher the DOGS score, the more we enjoyed the dog and more likely to recommend).

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Ratings Criteria
When we decided to start reviewing Chicago Dogs, we obviously needed to figure out what criteria we would use to rate them. Usually, ratings that pertain to food tend to be subjective and involve emotion and personal bias. Although our personal opinions are important, we still needed to figure out how to equally compare Chicago Dogs objectively.

We are trained in "Root Cause Analysis" (RCA). In simple terms, RCA is a technique for evaluating, identifying and measuring non-conformance with a process. Suddenly it hit us. If creating the perfect Chicago Dog is a process, could the concepts learned in training actually help in the rating of Hot Dogs? To our surprise, Root Cause Analysis is the perfect tool for the objective evaluation of Chicago Dogs.Nice Dog!

Based on our analysis, we developed a scientific mathematical formula to accurately determine how close to perfection a Chicago Dog is. Our formula calculates something we cleverly named "DOGS" (Dog Overall Greatness Score). The formula takes into account factors such as quality, ingredients and authenticity (example: is the Dog built to specification?).

Our review of Chicago Dogs is not based solely on the "DOGS" formula. The overall rating will be a combination of both subjective and objective evaluation. Our reviews will not only focus on the Dog's ingredients, taste, etc, we will also comment on the atmosphere and the overall enjoyment of the experience. To be fair, we plan on reviewing each place at least twice (when possible) to rule out variations based on who happens to be creating the Chicago Dog on a particular day.

We hope you find our reviews both informative and useful when deciding where to go to get the best Chicago Style Hot Dog. If you have any comments about our reviews, or know of a place worth reviewing, please let us know. Click Here to contact us.

Our Rating System
Each review will provide commentary about the taste of the Chicago Dog, its ingredients, authenticity, quality, price, ambiance and an overall experience. Although price and ambiance are mentioned in the review, they are for information purposes only are NOT included in any of our rating criteria. Each review will also contain the following three ratings: "DOGS", Overall score and whether or not we recommend getting a Chicago Dog there.

"DOGS" has a total of 10 possible points. The higher the score, the closer the Dog is to perfection.

DogBase Online Database
Click Here to view our online Dog Database which summarizes our ratings. Note: DogBase will open in a new browser window.

While viewing DogBase, you can click on the column headings to sort the table data. To download the table, click on the "Save CSV" button. The saved comma-delimited file can be easily opened with Excel.

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